Big Lake Park Bridge

The Big Lake Park Shoreline Beautification Project consisted of various improvements to repair and remediate severe erosion problems along the edges of the existing pond. Our civil engineers also enhanced the aesthetics of two culverts that crossed Spring Creek in Plano, Texas.

Metropolitan Infrastructure's scope of services included master planning elements such as HECRAS studies, evaluation of alternatives for shoreline walls, and options to replace or renovate existing culverts. MI conducted a HECRAS study of Spring Creek and two existing culverts, as well as an alternatives analysis for bridge replacements using concrete span arch structures.

The shore protection retaining walls consisted of three distinct styles of stone composite walls: vertical, sloped, and boulder walls. Each type of wall was designed to withstand high-velocity flood flows as well as repeated inundation. Our engineers even modified wall designs to allow native wildlife access in and out of the pond by creating small flumes which served as ramps for ducks and other animals. Although the park is in a natural creek setting, several urban components were implemented without compromising the aesthetics or the natural feel of the park.

Our designers also detailed the culvert and bridge beautifications using classical architectural components. We designed a custom pedestrian and vehicular railing designs which are safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. MI also designed a custom cantilevered fishing pier with railing and access to the existing trails and created custom scenic overlooks, as well as dam, spillway, and gabion wall evaluations. Metropolitan Infrastructure's scope also included permanent and temporary erosion control measures and SWPPP. Specifications, cost estimates, and construction phase assistance/ contractor coordination were part of our scope of services as well. 

The Big Lake Project has received repeated accolades and appreciation from residents in adjacent neighborhoods. It is a prime example of how our firm can provide an outstanding product which is both aesthetically beautiful and structurally sound. 

Project Details


  • Plano, Texas

Bridge Projects


  • Master Planning
  • Bridge replacements
  • HECRAS modeling
  • Shoreline protection walls
  • Fishing pier design 
  • Culvert enhancements
  • Observation rest area
  • Custom vehicular rails