Turtle Creek Retaining Walls

Metropolitan Infrastructure has been fortunate to have had numerous opportunities to participate in the planning, design, and construction of recreational facilities throughout the North Texas area. Our engineers understand the value of quality recreation facilities in communities. These spaces provide opportunities for families to spend time together, offer athletes a space to enjoy the outdoors, and often protect and preserve environmental habitats. We know that these spaces mean the most to the community members who use them--that's why we make community engagement a priority during our planning process. We coordinate with city council representatives, city staff, and community members to optimize the quality and sustainability of our recreational facilities.

East Dallas Veloway
Dredging of Hall Street Pond
Lakewood Park Retaining Walls and Dam 
Pike Park Historic Pavilion 
YMCA Connector Bridge
Big Lake Park Shoreline Beautification
Dredging of Blackburn and Stonebridge Ponds
NTPSA Soccer Fields